The Italian Job

I’m really grateful to Federico Pepe for his sterling work in translating my “Sonic Pi in the Music Classroom” into Italian.  I hope to be publishing this very shortly.  Here is an introduction [translated into English!] which Federico has kindly provided:

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Spring of Singing

I’m looking forward to beginning a new project in Sheffield next term. I will be working with staff and students from Fir Vale and Parkwood schools on preparing a set of songs from different cultures for celebration performances before Easter. The songs

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Sonic Pi…

Here’s some background to this new publication – available on Amazon. Using computer programming for coding musical output is nothing new – boffins have been doing this for years, spending hours working on complicated and expensive machines in university research

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How to keep on keeping on

OK, here’s the problem in a nutshell.   Two of my current freelance contracts involve me getting into secondary schools and discussing musiced issues with teachers. These teachers tell me that in their feeder primaries, many students have Wider Opportunities [WCET]

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DA Editions

DA Editions Keen followers of this website will have noticed that I have just launched a new tab: “DA Editions” Visit this page regularly for details of current and forthcoming publications, plus access to supplementary resources.

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Still Crazy After All These Years?

About 18 months ago, I wrote a brief article on what I understand the Music Education Council to be – and what could/should be done to improve it. You can read it here: It is heartening to see that

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A level music technology – no more tinkering, it’s time for an overhaul!

Following some recent discussions at the Music Education Council [MEC] Summer seminars in Leeds, I thought I would share some reflections. They are to do with the proposed changes to teaching music technology at A level… Many students and teachers

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