My music draws its inspiration from the things I see, the things I remember, the things I read and the things I hear. 

These ‘things’ have included: 

  • paintings and sculptures  – for example the works of Barbara Hepworth, Andy Goldsworthy, John Wells, Edward Hopper …
  • childhood and more recent memories of often small events which I still think of as significant. 
  • essays, articles, poems – for example writings by  Richard Mabey,  Alain de Botton, Laurie Lee, Robert Frost, Mary Ashworth, Clive James, William Wordsworth …
  • the music of Bela  Bartok, John Adams, late/middle Miles Davis, Brian Eno and his Bowie collaborations, Radiohead collectively and individually, John Fahey – the list goes on.
  • The world around me  – from the tops of mountains to bus stops in quiet suburban streets.

I understand that my music can often take a few listens to get to an appreciation and understanding. It is not that it is ‘difficult’ music (far from it), but sometimes there are lots of things going on, musically speaking.  So I often complement my music releases by writing about it and performing it live in multimedia/lecture style settings.