David Ashworth has been helping teachers and their students use music 
technology effectively for over 20 years. He writes articles, blogs, 
gives conference and INSET presentations and makes highly regarded, best selling resources for many of the top organisations in music education. 
Recent clients include BBC, Music Sales, Scholastic, Rhinegold 
Publications and Friday Afternoons.

He was the editor of the pioneering Teaching Music website, bringing 
music teachers together to share and collaborate in an online space. He 
now manages the TeachTalk:Music community which continues to share the 
best thinking and debate in UK music education.

At the national level, David has been involved in many of the recent 
music initiatives.  For the last five years he has successfully led the 
flagship ICT strategy, ICreaTe, which has had a major impact on the way 
primary and secondary schools use music technology in creative music 
making. His current research is focused on the use of mobile technologies in music education. 

I always think that it is really difficult to lead a technology day with teachers and satisfy the need for both hands on the technology and meaningful music making. You managed this brilliantly, spoke with real authority, and, importantly, you fulfilled the brief i.e. Using music technology…… musically.”

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