The Story of Music Education Now

screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-17-13-55The Story of Music Education Now: as told through fifty blogs: March 2012 – March 2013 by John Finney

In this book, John Finney allows us to join him in his wonderings about music education. An observed lesson here, a piece of research there – even football matches provide stimulus for wondering about aspects of music and teaching that strike at the very heart of what exactly music and education actually are.

Rather than assuming a position from which he can provide us with answers, John invites us to join him in his thoughts, encouraging us to ask difficult questions of our own assumptions and those of others. The result is a fascinating mystery tour that takes us to destinations cultural and political as well as musical and pedagogical.

We work in a profession where we rarely have time to think about what we do on anything other than a ‘what next?’ level. It is therefore of huge importance to have someone like John, who will, in an eminently readable style, get us thinking about things on a deeper level, and in doing so enrich our own practice.

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