Sonic Pi in the Music Classroom

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-08-05-16Using computer programming for coding musical output is nothing new – boffins have been doing this for years, spending hours working on complicated and expensive machines in university research departments, churning out computer generated music that no one really wants to listen to. Sonic Pi changes all that. Here we have an easy to use and much more intuitive program. It is aimed at those new to computer programming, but powerful enough to generate really sophisticated music.

These activities have been designed to encourage exploration of a range of musical concepts such as chord progressions, theme and variations, building melodies and so on. Using the ‘live looping’ function allows students to make adjustments to various musical parameters as the music is playing. Using ‘what if’ type questions engages learners in trying out ideas, making musical decisions and developing programming skills. This is the approach we take in this publication.

A collection of great music projects to help you compose and perform music creatively with Sonic Pi.

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