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The Dartington Collection

This collection of pieces are from my latest recording, “Sketches From Memory”. Download or stream these tunes by using the links at the bottom of this article. These were written during a week’s stay at Dartington in the summer of

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Chimes of Freedom

Bert Jansch The first in a series of blogs reflecting on tracks from my latest album, “Sketches From Memory“. Guitar on a Train Over recent years, my work has involved frequent train journeys to London. And on these journeys, I would

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Sketches – the lowdown

  My latest release, “Sketches from Memory”, actually brings together four discrete collections of recordings.     They are: Guitar on a Train These pieces pay homage to all those guitarists in the 1960s and 70s who took the train

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How to … with Ableton Live

This month, I’m launching new series of tutorial videos – looking at how I make music using Ableton Live. There are literally thousands of freely available Ableton videos from the usual internet resources and many of them are very good

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We need to talk about … drummers

  I recently posted an article online about how I use drum machines in Ableton Live and a good friend commented “Use a real drummer”  Of course, I agree that a real drummer or percussionist is always going to sound

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Sketches from Memory

These new recordings of mine are largely autobiographical and recall scenes remembered from childhood days. I chose to try to capture the mood of these vignettes through music. The events they recall are not especially momentous or ground-breaking. Simple everyday

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12. The Glory of the Moment

Aura – the wonderful 1989 album by Miles Davis has been described by Allmusic’s editor Thom Jurek as “an amalgam of classical impressionism, European new music, jazz, rock, electronic and other genres”. A fitting description of one of my favourite

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