8. Blue

water-blue-oceanA track by track blog on the music from “Days of Sun and Days of Rain” – a consideration of the music and some reflections along the way

This piece explores the concept of blueness in some of its many different forms: things that are blue, indigo, sapphire and lavender, a bolt out of the blue, a blue moon, singing the blues …

The opening sounds set the atmosphere: gongs and deep hollow synth sounds open the piece, to be joined by sustained guitar notes which add a fragile meandering strand. This is a cold still place… a seemingly aimless guitar melody does little to disturb the calm stillness.

But then a solid sounding blues riff takes us in another direction. Another guitar joins in playing a slightly different version of this riff, adding to the loose feel of this music.

The underpinning blues riff is beefed up with a two chord vamp to provide support for a solo which will bowl along aggressively – riding the waves. Another guitar digs down with some short gritty phrases cranking up to an ‘impossible tune’ featuring some highly angular big leaps. A bolt out of the blue.

I use my concept ‘anarchy guitar’ to try to capture the idea of an impossible tune. The fingers are given free rein to thrash out something wild on the fretboard, which can then be tidied and pruned after the heat of the moment has passed. When I was recording this part it sounded at the time as a highly random chaotic mess, but it did have passion and vigour. On listening back yes, there were bits that were quite unusable but also a surprising amount of good stuff and it was more structured than it had felt at the time of playing. With a little judicious pruning and minimal editing, I was able to carve out something which balances wild abandon with some musical coherence.

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